Departure Date Approaches

Time goes by so quickly, and it is now only 10 days until we depart on our Russian adventure.  I haven’t packed yet, but I’ve been thinking about what I need to take.

We have managed to pre-book all our accommodation along the entire journey, which should ease the daily travel logistics burden somewhat.  And all our flights and train journeys (except for a few short local train trips in Germany) also have been booked.  In many cases, it’s cheaper to book ahead, and as Europe gets busier for the summer season, pre-booking avoids the risk of being unable to stay in some chosen place.

The weather is now getting warmer in Russia, with some places managing to get into the (low) positive Celsius range during the day.  But I think we are still going to see lots of snow on the ground along most of the journey in Russia.  And I’d be disappointed if we didn’t!  I also expect that we will experience some really cold evening weather in Siberia!

I’m still struggling to learn the Cyrillic alphabet, but I will make the necessary effort over the next few days.  It won’t help us very much, but being able to read the words on a sign or menu should be a start.  I’ve also shopped around to gather some essential items that we might need, such as basic pharmacy lines, some food and snacks and travel items.  As for clothes, we need to be ready for the heat in Dubai, and the freeze in Siberia.  I think the answer is ‘layers’.

Come back to the blog whenever you feel the need to check on our progress.  I’ll do my best to produce some thoughtful and informative text, and I’ll include some interesting good-quality pictures.


2 thoughts on “Departure Date Approaches

  1. Hi Rod,

    A few phrases that may be useful:

    Hello : Здравствуйте! (Zdravstvujte!)
    Thank you : Спасибо! (Spasibo!)

    And here’s one you may find useful too but I will leave it for you to work out what it is…

    тот мужчина платит за всё (Etot mužčina platit za vsë)

    I will miss you,


  2. Hi Rod

    We are so disappointed that we had our days wrong and didn’t give you a call before you headed off (we were a day late!). But we’re really looking forward to reading about your amazing trip. Hopefully we can catch you on Skype

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