Keukenhof and the Rijksmuseum

Not so much text today, but plenty of photos as I share our visit to Keukenhof yesterday, and my visit today to the recently refurbished and reopened Rijksmuseum (the Dutch National Art Gallery) in Amsterdam.

Keukenhof is an annual event, running for about two months, and located near Leiden, about 25km from Amsterdam, out past the Schiphol Airport.  Canberr’a Floriade is modelled on Keukenhof, but is much smaller and lacks many of the permanent elements that make Keukenhof so famous.  The Keukenhof gardens cover 32 hectares, with more than 7 million flowers in bloom.  The event has been running annually for 64 years.







Keukenhof features mostly tulips in its displays, but there are other flowering bulb plants and some non-bulb flowers also.  I won’t caption the pictures, as it’s pretty self evident what they show.  There were thousands of people there yesterday (a Monday), many of them apparently unable to read simple signs such as ‘Please do not walk on the grass’.  Enjoy the pictures (remember, too, you can click on each picture a couple of times to enlarge it).




The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is one of the most famous and well-stocked art galleries in the world, and the newly reopened and refurbished building makes it a joy to visit.  I have visited previously and enjoy returning to see some of its many famous pieces, the most well-known of which is the Rembrandt painting known as ‘The Nightwatch’.



The Rijksmuseum contains not just works of art, but important historic artifacts also.  In 1616, the Dutch explorer Dirk Hartog landed on the coast of Western Australia, and left behind a pewter plate, with the details of his visit.  Some 80 years later, the plate was retrieved by another Dutch explorer and returned to the Netherlands.  The plate is the oldest European object ever found on Australian soil, and is now on display in the Rijksmuseum.


116Tomorrow, we leave Amsterdam to commence the long journey home, punctuated with stopovers in Dubai and Hong Kong.



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