To Hong Kong

We got smart in Dubai and discovered that the Metro would deliver us from our hotel to the Airport without the hassles of negotiating the details with a taxi driver, and at a fraction of the cost.

We fronted to the Cathay Pacific check-in counter, and discovered to our very pleasant surprise that we had each been upgraded to Business Class for the flight to Hong Kong, rather than the Premium Economy for which we had paid.  We were given the chance to refuse the upgrade, but none of us did.

The only drawback was that this was the shortest overnight leg of the trip, so we would have the least time to enjoy it.  Even this proved to be optimistic, as we landed in Hong Kong a full one hour early (at the most unhospitable time of 4.00am!).  The flight itself was very good – smooth, good service, good food and a lie-flat bed to stretch out on.  We would have happily stayed there for hours more, if possible,

When we landed so early, there was no-one to drive the aerobridge up to the plane, the Airport was almost empty of people, finding a cab took some time, and getting in a door of the Novotel Hotel was pretty difficult too.  I don’t think that hotels take too kindly to people who arrive at 4.30am and expect that their room for the next night will be available and that there will be no extra charge.  Rather than hanging around roomless until at least 10.00am, we negotiated an upgrade to the Executive Floor (ie we paid the hotel an extra fee), and found ourselves showered and in bed shortly thereafter.  No sense spoiling the ship for a halfpenny’s worth of tar, as they say.  The Executive Floor contained some other enticements too such as buffet breakfasts, free wifi, late check-out and Club access with an open bar and free food from 6.00pm to 8.00pm.

Thus Saturday became a very lazy day for us, sleeping, shopping, eating and drinking.  And not necessarily in that order.





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