To Home

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We did the usual tourist things in Hong Kong – we shopped and we ate too much at the All You Can Eat Plus More Breakfast Buffet.  The shops price their goods to entice us to buy more, with bigger discounts as more purchases are made.  It is only the thought of struggling on to an aircraft with far too much hand luggage that constrains my buying urges.

I feel sad for the quite serviceable pair of joggers that I left behind in the hotel room rubbish bin, having replaced them with a new and far more glossy pair from the Nike Factory Outlet Boutique.

We fronted the check-in desk at the airport, prepared to return to Brisbane via a slow and indirect route through Sydney.  But the very helpful check-in man was able to re-route us direct to Brisbane, saving each of us about six hours of wasted time.  Maybe he was impressed by our neat and clean appearance, unlike many others in the check-in queue.  Is it too much to expect that people travelling on airplanes should wear shirts with sleeves and covered footwear?

We didn’t score another upgrade, but the plane was only very lightly loaded, and we each managed to stretch out across four seats all the way to Brisbane.  It was nearly as good as Business Class.  Another quick smooth flight, and only minimal queues to get through the airport arrival formalities.  Mike was there to meet me, and we were soon on the road to Paradise Waters.  It rained during the drive – the first actual wet weather that I’ve seen in the past five weeks.

Now, the bags have been unpacked, there is a heap of washing to do, trinkets have been distributed, and a final blog post is almost written.

My thanks to Garry and Zung for their companionship and for putting up with me.  We have been to some places that remain mostly unvisited (and for good reasons, too!!).  We have seen some unforgettable sights and some people who may be best forgotten.  And thanks also to my blog readers for their interest and their comments.  It’s nice to know that somebody actually reads this stuff.


One thought on “To Home

  1. Of course we read your blogs Rod. Indeed, we very much look forward to receiving the email telling us there’s another Rod Blog to enjoy. Glad ou all made it home in a little comfort and speed xx

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